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Why are we selling country style properties?

Easy question to answer : ……because we LIVE IT and we LOVE IT that’s why we are SELLING IT. Every agent of Emacplan Properties stays on a small holding and love the country ….. loves animals and the outdoors. Therefore, you as our client seller or buyer can be rest assured we know country life […]

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Enjoy Country Style Living in Charming Victorian Beauty

A charming Victorian homestead on a smallholding in Kameeldrift is ready to receive a new owner who will appreciate its grandeur and who will lovingly care for it. It might not have been built in the proper Victorian era (1837-1901), but it represents the architecture and design of that period well. And that is what […]

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Immovable Property and the Minor Child

As parents we all wish to give our children the best start in life and, where possible a solid start towards financial independence. From an investment point of view, this may entail purchasing immovable property in the name of a minor. There are no legal impediments to registering property in the name of a minor. […]

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Living on a farm or small holding – (country living.)

Out in the country, life moves a little bit slower. I’ve lived in big cities, next to the ocean, and in city-adjacent suburbs, but it wasn’t until I moved out to the country—to a small farm town in I Ixopo Natal (not at the beginning but later) —that I finally felt like I could really […]

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It’s a GOOD life in Roodeplaat

If country living is what you choose for your family, then look no further. The area around the Roodeplaat Dam – just outside the city of Pretoria – is a haven for those who need space around them. Those who need to experience freedom. Those who need to breathe more freely. “When we drive home […]

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Don’t let an occupation dispute spoil your housewarming

The successful sale of a house, with both buyer and seller established in their new homes and happy with the deal they have concluded, is certainly cause for celebration. But all too often a dispute over occupation arrangements takes the glitter off the occasion – and usually because the home buyer and seller have changed […]

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Very often the question arises as to whether the purchaser must pay transfer duty on a particular transaction or whether there is no transfer duty payable as the transaction is in fact a VAT transaction. This question can arise where the seller is registered for VAT but the purchaser is not or the seller is […]

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To understand the very common “Voetstoots” clause in an Offer to Purchase, both sellers and purchasers need to understand the consequences of the Consumer Protection Act as well as the difference between patent and latent defects. Those defects that can be easily identified by a buyer during a simple inspection of the property, is known […]

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The concepts of servitudes and prescription

The greater Roodeplaat area with its bushveld atmosphere, is notably a haven for people who prefer outdoor living on smallholdings and small farms in these hectic times we live in today. But over the past few decades – as the original farms of Roodeplaat, Kameeldrift, Derdepoort and others had been subdivided into smaller and smaller […]

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Outdoor Living around the Roodeplaat Dam

  The Bushveld atmosphere of the vicinity around the Roodeplaat Dam contributes to it being a haven for outdoor living. With the dam situated a mere 24 km north east of the Pretoria city centre, this is one of the preferred areas for families to live on smallholdings just outside the city, yet being close […]

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