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Landlords and a Rising Rental Demand

  Due to rising rental demand, property experts are noticing an increase in the number of investors in the buy-to-let market. Affordability is always a factor when interest rates rise and affordability make it more difficult for prospective buyers to qualify for home loans. First-time home buyers also need to save large amounts to pay […]

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The electrical and gas certificate of compliance is a legal requirement in all property transactions. The separate certificates stating that all gas, electrical installations and electrical fencing installation comply with prescribed safety standards. Electrical and gas certificates of compliance are intended to ensure that the property’s electrical system is safe to use and that any […]

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When Buying and Selling A Property

Local Transfer Attorney Tom Swanepoel from Company Stopforth Swanepoel & Brewis Inc. explains general steps: When buying and selling a property: The agreement of sale is received by the conveyancer from the estate agent or seller. A search is done at the Deeds Office to verify the information regarding the property and owner. Cancellation figures, to cancel the existing […]

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