Land owners of farms and smallholdings has an obligation to protect and conserve the land

The lifestyle of a farmer and plot dwellers are often admired by others for the abundance of space Fresh Air and the privilege to live near nature and animals. It is expected by law from farmers and plot owners to be responsible for protecting and conserving the environment. Invasive plants and erosion are regulated by the act on Conservation of agricultural Recourses act 43 of 1983 whereby a farmer or smallholder is required to eradicate invasive plants and erosion etc.

The act on National veld and forest fire act 101 of 1998 requires certain responsibilities of land owners regarding the start and preventing of fires. Runaway fires can cause many loss of life and damage to property and gracing and huge fines can be given to land owners who does not adhere to the requirements set out by the law.

If you decide to start farming with cattle, sheep, pigs or chickens an environmental study is needed if you attend to keep more animals as the threshold amount prescribe in the law.

It is therefore advisable to talk to an estate agent who is duly knowledgeable and specialize in the marketing and selling of farmland and smallholdings.

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