The electrical and gas certificate of compliance is a legal requirement in all property transactions. The separate certificates stating that all gas, electrical installations and electrical fencing installation comply with prescribed safety standards.

Electrical and gas certificates of compliance are intended to ensure that the property’s electrical system is safe to use and that any gas appliances such as stoves and fireplaces, have been save and properly installed.

What many home owners may not realize, is the existing certificate are invalidated, if any alteration are undertaken, and a new certificate will have to be issued once work is completed.

Aside from being a legislative requirement, there is another reason why it is important for home owners to have a valid C.O.C for electrical installation, should a property incurs any damages as a result of an electrical fault, the insurance company will require the owner to provide a valid electrical compliance certificate and could dismiss a claim if there isn’t one.

When you decide to sell your house take in mind that a electrical compliance certificate is only valid for two years.

In my opinion it is always best practice to get a new certificate if you sell your property to ensure that you stand in the right side of the fence when selling.  Such a certificate should not cost an arm and leg if there was not tampered with the installation and will give you peace of mind.

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