With the negative impact on our economy the last ten years, as well as the current covid 19 virus effects and the term “junk status” floating around, we find that property owners have an overall negative view point and do not see the opportunities in the market, especially in the Roodeplaat and precinct areas.

This is where the term “SWEAT YOUR ASSETS” comes in. The meaning of the term is simple, but very important to grasp.

To “Sweat your Assets” in short means that your assets, e.g. property should work for you and not stay stagnant. There are so many examples of property working (sweating) for you.

The Roodeplaat area has a huge potential for development and is becoming the development epicentre within the Tshwane area in future.

One of the opportunities in the area is fragmentation. Clinging to too large plots where the space is not used is wasting land that can work for you.

Subdivision of the land is an option to sell fragmented portions rather than the total plot area at once, (which include the main buildings).

The inclination in the current buyers’ market is to buy a smaller piece for less.

Land in the mentioned area can be sub-divided into one-hectare portions if there is piped water and bigger than one hectare where there is no piped water.

Other possibilities are to do split-rezoning where possible “business” opportunities exist.

Value can also be added by building a second dwelling on a property with a sectional-title registration to be able to sell the property

For any further advice, do not hesitate to contact Rudolph at Emacplan Properties should you be interested in “SWEATING YOUR ASSETS”

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