Sable Hills Waterfront Estate, situated in the lush Bushveld environment north east of Pretoria, near the Roodeplaat dam,  is  249 ha of sheer beauty.  Hot in summer, with an average to high rainfall accompanied by rather severe thunderstorms, but mild winters, reminding one of the climate of the South Coast during winter, Sable Hills Waterfront Estate is the ideal retreat for those who prefer a not so cold winter that is found in other regions of our country,  such as the Freestate and Eastern Cape.

Sable Hills Waterfront Estate was previously an Aventura resort, but was bought by private developers and developed in an upperclass lifestyle resort.   At first it was divided into 1 morgen plots , but after in impact study was done, it was decided to develop it in smaller units.  Today it consists of 435 stands  selling from R550 000 to R2,400 000, depending on size.  Stands with houses built sells for between R2 300 000 andR 5 800 000.  All houses are built in a modern style, with 3 to 4 bedrooms, living areas, beautiful modern kitchen that  is designed to be user friendly for the enthusiastic cook, tiled bathrooms and all the accessories that accompany a modern designed –to- live- in home. Some of the old Aventura houses  were demolished, others were renovated  and rebuilt when the estate was developed.

Most of these properties are full title deed, but there are also sectional title properties available. The Department of Nature Conservation was involved in making this estate viable.

When the property was bought from Aventura, the facilities such as  the swimming pool, tennis courts and restaurant  was retained and included in the development of the estate. The restaurant was upgraded and a nail bar and a gym is just some of the new amenities that were developed by the owners.

Sable Hills Waterfront Estate is also situated close to the Roodeplaat Dam, and if you are a watersport enthusiast, all watersport such as angling, canoeing, fly fishing ,jetskiing  and sailing is on your doorstep. There is also a jetty and all facilities for the motorboat and skiing enthusiast available. Boats can be launched at Leeufontein while driving up to the dam to Sable Hills Waterfront Estate.

As with the other lifestyle estates, game is also abundant at Sable Hills Waterfront Estate.  Eland, blue wildebeest, giraffe, impala, blesbuck, and warthog roam the area freely, adding to the unspoilt beauty of the area.  For the birdlover there are also a few surprises. A   big variety of birds can be viewed, such as the Little Egret, Longbilled Krombek and the Hamerkop.  Because of the vicinity of Roodeplaat Dam, waterbirds are also abundant. 

Sable Hills Waterfront Estate is situated +- 15 km from Zambezi Drive, which is the main artery to the Northeastern development of Pretoria, an area which has experienced unbelievable growth in the past five to ten years.  Shopping centres, hospitals, good schools, and  Wonderboom Airport  is within a few minutes’  drive from Sable Hills Waterfront Estate.     

Sable Hills Waterfront Estate also forms  part of the Cullinan Meander,  and is the gateway to  Dinokeng, a  big tourist development  which is earmarked by the Gauteng Provincial Government as a major tourist attraction. Dinokeng consists of conference venues, restaurants, jewellery studios and arts and crafts shops and much more and is of  great cultural and historical value to South Africa. 

Security is of great importance at Sable Hills Waterfront Estate.  Taking the rising crime figures into consideration, it is of utmost importance that we are assured of the safety of our families. We have thus ensured that the whole estate has a security fencing, and entry is controlled, with guards at the entrance gate 24 hours per day.  No one can enter without permission of  the inhabitants.

Therefore, if you are looking for  a country lifestyle, where you can be safe, close to nature but yet near the city, consider buying a property at Sable Hills Waterfront Estate. It is a decision that you  will never regret. 


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