The Roodeplaat dam area has as its centre the Roodeplaat dam, which was constructed in 1956 and was initially called the “Pienaars Rivier Dam”.   This area consisted of smallholdings and farms, thus making it an agricultural area.  The Dam supplied landowners with irrigation for their crops, and cattle  well as game farmers  are also found in this area.

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As land for  the development of residential areas increased, more and more landowners sold their land to property developers and beautiful, well-sought after estates were developed on the banks and in the vicinity of the Dam, making it a very sought-after, popular area to live in, especially for those whose seek a more relaxed, country style living.

The Roodeplaat dam area is also very popular because it has access from various highways, shopping centres, good schools and hospitals.  You are near everything you need, yet you are living in nature.

There are also various guest houses, conference and wedding venues  and entertainment situated in this region, making it an ideal venue for conferences, launches, training courses and social functions.

Another big attraction of this area is the Roodeplaat dam Nature Reserve.

Emacplan Properties for Roodeplaat Dam

It consists of two sections, on the northern and southern parts of the dam. Leisure activities such as fishing and canoeing can be performed on the northern part whereas the southern part is more suitable for birdwatchers. There are also two hides overlooking the dam so that visitors can enjoy  a beautiful view over the dam. 

The northern part of the reserve consists mainly of thornveld as well as dense thickets.  The dam is also surrounded by wetland vegetation.

Emacplan Properties for Roodeplaat Dam

The southern area is more or less 800 ha and you will find a variety of open Savannah, grassveld and dense savannah woodland vegetation. The actual reason why this area is so popular is because of the various bird species that are found around the dam. The dam is the second largest birdviewing site in South Africa, only in the greater St Lucia wetland area is is bigger.

Waterbirds, such as the Halfcollard Kingfisher, Great Reed Warbler Olivetree Warbler and Osprey is seen abundantly, as well as thornveldt birds  such as Titbabbler, Southern Boubou,  Longbilled Crombec and forktailed Drongo.

Emacplan Properties for Roodeplaat Dam

Certain times  of the year small fish struggling upstream, provide birds like the Little Egret, Purple Heron,  Hamerkop and various types of Kingfishers with an easy meal. It is therefore a perfect time to watch these birds.

There are campsites  and toilets situated all over the reserve, making it an ideal picnic spot or a for weekend away camping. There is also a hiking trail as well as chalets if you want to sleep over.  Apart from birds there are also a number of mammal species in the reserve, such as Zebra, Kudu, Waterbuck,  Warthog,  Impala and Blue Wildebeest.

Emacplan Properties for Roodeplaat Dam

The Roodeplaat dam forms, together with  the Mkhombo and Rust de Winter dams, part of the Dinokeng Region.  Dinokeng is part  of a government initiative to establish a tourist region close to Gauteng .  It  lies in the catchment area of two rivers, The Elands and Pienaars rivers.  These rivers flow into the greater Olifants and Limpopo rivers. Various cultures and historic events have left their mark in Dinokeng through the years, those of the Tswana,  Pedi,  Afrikaans, English,  Ndebele and Tsonga people.  Still today found in this area is the Sammy Marks house and the remains of the Wallmansthal Mission.  

The Dinokeng Nature Reserve combines about 270 property owners land into a 90 000 hectare reserve that offers game viewing, archaeological sites and arts and crafts studios  for locals artists.

Emacplan Properties for Roodeplaat Dam

The dam  can be reached if you take the Zambezi off-ramp from the N1 and head east towards Cullinan. At the big stop turn towards Moloto.  The entrance is situated on the right after 12 km. An entry fee of R10 per person is charged.

Because of its perfect location, near the city but not in the city, the Roodeplaat dam area offers you everything you will ever need, and at affordable prices.

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